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LOS ANGELES, CA – British papers report that LaToya Jackson believes her brother Michael was murdered as part of a conspiracy.  Weekly World News sat down with Ms. Jackson to learn more.

LaToya Jackson believes that a group of conspirators killed her brother in an attempt to claim his fortune.  She claims to know exactly who is responsible for the plot, and shared with WWN some of the “vast amounts” of evidence she has collected.

“It is my firm belief that Michael was intentionally kept overmedicated to keep him submissive.  Thus he was easier to control and able to be kept away from his family.  I believe it was these same people who coerced him into his extensive plastic surgeries, to make him more marketable to audiences so they could make more money off of him.”

LaToya went on to use a slide show and power point presentation to chronicle irregularities in Michael’s day to day world she believes are clues.  According to her one woman investigation the Maid, the garbage man, and the cable provider may have all played a hand in covering up a murder plot.

“Here you can see the Maid entering every day at 8:30 am.  But this day she showed up at 8:20.  Why would she do that?  Unless she knew there was something else she’d have to do that day.  And look at all the extra trash being taken out the day before.  Do those bags look lumpy to you?  To me they look like something unusual is in them.  And here, in this photo, you can clearly see the garbage man winking at the gardener.  Clearly a signal between two conspirators!”

She went on to show a series of pictures of Jackson’s estate taken at various times of day in the months leading up to his June 25th death.

“Look at the way the lights were turned out every night.  I think there is a pattern here, that was used to send messages from staff inside the house.”

“Ms. Jackson, why were you taking pictures of your brother’s house several times a day, every day, for at least two months before he died?”


According to LaToya, her former psychic friends network were hard on the case searching for other clues.

When asked why she is not going to authorities with her concerns she said:

“I don’t know yet how high up this goes, but I can promise you the responsible parties will be brought to justice.”  She then stood on her chair.  “Upon my blood I swear that these foul villains will see justice by my hand!  As a Jackson, I Do Swear!”

Weekly World News maintains the belief that Michael Jackson is still alive, and hiding in the plains of New Mexico.