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LOS ANGELES, CA – Shanna Moakler has resigned as the executive director of the Miss California USA pageant.  Instead, she will start her own Miss Nerd USA competition.

A former Miss America herself, Moakler resigned from her position after Carrie Prejean was allowed to keep her Miss California crown.  Prejean became famous during the Miss America competition for saying she was opposed to gay rights.  Since then, partially nude photos of Prejean have surfaced, which would typically cost her the Miss California title.

Moakler, disgusted at the organization, resigned yesterday vowing to start her own pageant.

Moakler said, “Miss Nerd USA will embrace better values for participants, encouraging not just beauty but intelligent and empowered women.  This could be an opportunity to break with outdated traditions and create a pageant that encourages better values and is of the times.”

The Miss Nerd USA competition will feature a chemistry section, math-leticism, World of Warcraft high scores, cosplay, and naughty librarian competitions in addition to the usual swimsuit and eveningwear.

“There will still be a beauty competition.  But we’re hoping to project a new beauty ideal that embraces female empowerment and individuality.”

According to Miss Moakler’s plan, the organization would reach out to professional beauties with nerd tendencies and existing nerds alike.  Beauties will be required to develop intellectual accomplishments to compete.  Nerdy women will be encouraged and trained to portray themselves as beautiful, a field in which many nerdy women feel insecure.  Moakler says this will hopefully encourage more well rounded aptitude and self esteem in all women.

When asked if she was only dressing up a slightly less vapid but equally materialistic pageant in a trendy way, Moakler replied “…. Maybe.  But at least I’m not bashing gay people!”