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WASHINGTON, DC – Nancy Pelosi Made It oh so Right with Brad Pitt yesterday when she tried to steal him from Angelina Jolie!

The actor was in town to meet with Pelosi and Rep. James Clyburn about the future efforts in New Orleans. Pitt founded the organization “Make It Right” to build environmentally-sustainable housing for those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.

Tongues are wagging over how “welcoming” and “overfriendly” Pelosi was with Pitt, which is fairly evident in the clip below of their shared press conference.

After the conference, it is rumored Pelosi treated Pitt to a “private” tour of the United States Capitol building, which included the Illuminati Lounge, the secret Ben Franklin Erotica Collection and her own chambers, where she had “accidentally” left some of her lingerie out. Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night” was heard blasting from the room as the door closed behind them.

After Pitt missed his scheduled meeting with President Obama, Angelina Jolie stormed into the building to retrieve her man. She burst into Pelosi’s chambers to find the two sitting closely in a settee, giggling while discussing Pelosi’s Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.

Weekly World News can confirm that Pelosi received a large bouqet of flowers today from a “Ms. Jen A.”, and Pitt has been implanted with a GPS tracking unit by Jolie.