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NEW YORK, NY – Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue hit the stands recently, and one of the photographs revealed more than anyone expected.  In the background of several shots of cover model Bar Rafaeli a sea monster can clearly be seen.

Currently famous for being Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Rafaeli can now expect to be a super-celebrity among conspiracy theorists and crypto-zoologists.

When asked about the background of the shots, Sports Illustrated representative Miles O’Rourke says “The image in the background of the shots is completely unintentional.  We did not put the creature there and we are not trying to make any point by including it in our publication.  Sports Illustrated currently has no stance on the cryptid issue.”  When asked how the image slipped by their editors he continued “Honestly, no one was looking at the background in those photos.”

Sports Illustrated subscriptions have skyrocketed in the last few hours.  The magazine is reaching a whole new untapped customer base, one that has no interest or talent for sports whatsoever but an undying passion for the truth.  In the past 6 hours sales have gone up 438% to addresses that end with “my parent’s basement.”  Representatives remain tight lipped as to whether they will appeal to their new base by including more cryptids in future issues.

When approached for comment about her newfound celebrity among cryptid enthusiasts, Mrs. Rafaeli used Krav Maga to illustrate her refusal to comment by putting one reporter in a choke hold and sending the other two running.