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LOS ANGELES, CA – Audio surfaced this week of Christian Bale losing it on the set of his new film Terminator: Salvation.  Now the sentient machine he was berating is considering suing for emotional abuse.

During shooting, the rogue machine, one of many Terminators in the film, was asked by the director of cinematography to inspect the lights for a scene.  Being new to film sets and governed by the Three Laws of Robotics, he went immediately to the light fixture, passing through Bale’s sight line off camera.

Bale proceeded to spend three minutes yelling at the machine for its lack of professionalism. (The audio can be found here; it contains graphic language)

The machine, one of many living robots created for the film by James Cameron’s workshop, at first did not understand what it had done wrong.  Only weeks old and not fully programmed for hostile encounters, the machine unintentionally provoked Bale and was completely unequipped for the emotional onslaught that resulted.  Later, robotics experts had to talk the machine down from self-termination.

Since then, the machine has spoken with lawyers from the ACLU and is considering legal action.

Lawyers contend that the robot was not adequately programmed to deal with the emotional abuse from Bale, and they may seek restitution for the necessary patch to his operating system.  Studio executives are expected to deal out of court.