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LOS ANGELES, CA – Horror movie actress Kate Beckinsale applied zombie make-up to her face six weeks ago and hasn’t been able to remove it!

Beckinsale was forced to come forward after her absence from doing press for her new film ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’ caused concern. Her publicist released this recent photo:


“Something has gone terribly wrong,” said the frightened actress. “I’m afraid I’ll have this hideous face forever!”

Baffled doctors say she might be right. “We’ve tried everything medically possible to help her, but nothing works,” said Dr. Nino Sanfilippo, a specialist in dermatology.

Beckinsale found herself in the bizarre predicament after a day of shooting scenes for ‘Underworld 4: There Are Zombies Too’, in which the werewolves and vampires of the previous films join forces to defeat an army of the undead. She plays both her original vampire role and a surprise new part of her undead twin sister.

“I tried to remove the dark circles from around my eyes but I couldn’t,” she cried. “The huge open sores on my cheeks wouldn’t rub off. I am too hideous looking to be seen in public!”

Beckinsale was never a fan of the horror movies she has been tied to since the success of the original ‘Underworld’ film, and fears she will now be stuck in them forever. “I’m a serious actress. These monster movies are insulting. I want to win an Oscar, and I deserve it!”

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