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LOS ANGELES, CA – Following a New Year’s telethon for pets in need, Tonya The World’s Fattest Cat had a falling out with co-host Ricky Gervais.

Gervais has come under fire this week for comments he made on the telethon and in recent stand-up routines about “fat people” that some people think are going too far.

Calling overweight people “lazy pigs,” Gervais has asserted that obesity is a choice.  On the show, Gervais held up a 4-month-old Siamese kitten looked at Tonya and said, “Before I met you, I never knew these came in triple extra large.”

Tonya’s handlers abruptly entered a shot and declared, “Ricky Gervais doesn’t care about fat people.”

On his blog, Gervais responded to allegations of hate-mongery, claiming, “Of course I care about fat people!  I’m a fatty; most of England is fatties and many Americans too.   As long as they keep supporting me, I will support them.  And all nine of their chins.”

Gervais said he tried reaching out to Tonya to make amends.

Through her Twitter page, Tonya replied, “Sunday 4:17pm: Totally ignoring his calls.  Not letting him ruin my ham and cheese break.”  As well as, “Monday 8:39am: Not returning that email.  Paws full of spam.”

“I know what she’s doing here: playing hard to get,” Gervais said on his blog.  “She thinks the longer she avoids me, the more intently I’ll pursue her.  I wish I could say its not working.  But it is!”

“Now I don’t just want her forgiveness, I want her.  She’s made me fall in love with a fatty!”