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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – After dumping recent boyfriend, Paris is going where no human woman as gone before.

Paris Hilton was in a well-publicized long-term relationship with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden. After weeks of speculation, the pair announced that they had gone their separate ways.

Never one to be out of the spotlight for long, Paris has quickly dusted herself off and found a new man. Sort of…

Last night, Paris was spotted at LA eatery Mr. Chow with the one and only Manigator!  What brought her over to the reptile side? His cool demeanor? Crass sense of humor?

It couldn’t be his manners, as he was seen snapping at the sweet and sour shrimp and loudly washing it down with the Chinese beer Tsingtao.

Some gossip columnists are hinting that Paris is only dating the mutant for publicity, but eyewitnesses say she was totally charmed by his rough Southern ways. Anything seems possible these days. Heidi Montag married the Invisible Beard Man.