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NEW YORK, NY – Leaving the side of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, PhD Ape begins preparations for a three-day seminar aimed at settling fears of the Right Wing radio and television personalities over the coming Obama Administration.

Continuing what has already been a very busy fall for the renowned Psychiatrist to the Stars, PhD Ape landed in New York City this morning for the seminar. Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News talk show host, Bill O’Reilly are just two of the high profile “talking heads” expected to be in attendance.

“These are tough times for Rush and Bill.  Not to mention Sean [Hannity] and countless others,” PhD Ape told reporters.  “There is an obvious shift in the mindset of the nation.  America was widely considered a Center-Right country.  I think the latest election shows we are in fact to be Center-Left.

“Right wing pundits and commentators are forced to question their role in the new administration and a newly aligned nation.  I feel they still play an important role.  This seminar aims at teaching these guys how best to adapt within a changing political climate, not just professionally but emotionally.”

PhD Ape thinks this is especially important for Mr. O’Reilly.  It is rumored that he had his tear ducts removed in the mid-90s to prevent any display of ‘womanly emotions’. Weekly World News was unable to find anyone willing to verify this on record.