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LOS ANGELES – Justin Bieber loves to dress up like a girl.

Justin Bieber recently spoke about his affinity for ladies’ jeans and for wearing dresses, pantyhose, skirts, gowns, halters and bikinis.

“I’ve worn women’s clothes and women’s jeans before because they fit me. At first I did it because it worked, but now I really feel much more comfortable in women’s clothes.”  Bieber reportedly went on to say that he felt more like himself when he wore a bra or panties.”

Here’s Justin in his girl jeans at the VMA awards:

And hear he is backstage a little while later.  He loves his blonde wig:

Justin also like gowns.  Here he is last month in Paris:

Bieber began dressing in women’s clothes after he heard that Kanye West like to wear women’s clothes.  “The Biebs feels that Kanye is his mentor and if Kanye likes Bieber in dresses, then Justin feels obliged to wear them,” said a source close to Kanye West.

Justin and Kanye aren’t the only male stars to wear women’s clothes. Actress Liv Tyler has caught her dad, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, wearing her bras. Same deal with Zoe Kravitz of “X-Men: First Class” fame. Her father, Lenny Kravitz, has been known to raid her closet.

The Biebs doesn’t care what people say about him.  “I don’t dress like a girl all the time. And I don’t do it for anybody but me.  I just feel open and free.  I love girls and I love dressing like girls.”

You have a problem with that?