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LOS ANGELES, CA – Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn could be facing some jail time thanks to his short temper!

Sean Penn was charged with battery and vandalism today for an incident in which he attacked a photographer and broke his camera outside Brentwood Country Mart in October. If convicted, Penn could face up to 18 months in jail for his tussle with the photographer on October 2.

“We are alleging he kicked a photographer and we are also accusing him of breaking the photographer’s camera,” said Frank Mateljan, a city attorney spokesman.

The photographer, Jordan Dawes, claims that the actor attacked him after he spotted Dawes taking pictures from roughly 50 feet away. Penn began to shout numerous obscenities and vowed to “put [him] in a box.” Penn then proceeded to kick and punch both Dawes and his camera.

Penn is due to be arraigned March 22 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It would be a sad day if convicted for the actor who has won Oscars for his performances in both “Mystic River” and “Milk.”