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NEW YORK, NY – Biggest Loser trainer Jillain Michaels has gotten herself into some hot water!

Jillian is facing three lawsuits as of now against her Maximum Strength Calorie Control pill supplement. According to the plaintiffs, the main reason for their lawsuits is that the pills can be potentially lethal. Sounds like a strong enough reason.

The reports state that the pills contain “potentially lethal” doses of citrus aurantium. Also known as Bitter Orange or synephrine, it is the “chemical cousin” of ephedra. For those that may not be aware, Ephedra is now an illegal substance. Ephedra came under heavy fire because a percentage of people who took it would die suddenly from a heart attack.

One of the plaintiffs, Kathy Hensley, claims that Jillian’s supplements contain too much of the toxic substance. Citrus aurantium can raise blood pressure and can cause serious cardiac problems in certain people.

Jillian’s “magic” pills have also been taken to court for claiming that they could make you lose weight by simply taking them. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Any supplement that gets taken to court seems like something that should be avoided. So for those that are looking for a quick fix pill, chances are there isn’t one out there. Staying active, eating right and drinking plenty of water seem like safe alternatives to diet pills.

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