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LOS ANGELES, CA – Jessica Simpson is dating Billy Corgan, sources close to the couple say she likes him to dress up like Bat Boy!

Simpson, 29, and Corgan, 42, baffled friends and critics by announcing their relationship recently.  Corgan was the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins, a grunge band wildly popular in the mid-90’s.  Simpson, a pop musician famous for being famous says “Yeah, I think I had one of their albums in middle school!”  Corgan has been quoted saying about Simpson “She is the culmination of everything I used to stand against.  She is anathema to my artistic integrity.  But on the plus side, she’s hot and in her 20’s, so hey.”

Sources close to the couple admit that in the bedroom Jessica Simpson likes Billy Corgan to dress up like Bat Boy!  Originally from Texas Jessica grew up reading Weekly World News and at some point developed a crush on the mutant.  Sources say she gets the bald Corgan to put on fake pointy ears, dilate his pupils drastically, and wear cutoff denim shorts to look more like Bat Boy before romantic evenings in.  Neighbors confirm hearing loud bat like screeching from Corgan at odd hours of the night.  “At first we thought he was working on a new album.  But then it just kept going.”

Could this be a new trend in romance?  Will there be a mutant themed duet album?  More on this story as it develops.