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NEW YORK, NY – The girls of The View finally agree on something: how much they hate guest host Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin is guest hosting The View, filling in for Elizabeth Hasselbeck who is on maternity leave.  After only two days, the rest of the cast has joined together in how difficult it is to work with the insect woman mother of eight.

From the first minute on set Kate’s personallity could not help but shine through.  Immediately she began ordering and organizing the other members of the panel into their places.  No novice to television herself she instructed the camera operator how to catch her best side, and corrected the lighting designer.  Shortly into filming Kate threatened to put Joy Behar into time-out for interrupting her.  When Sherri Sheppard misquoted some facts about President Obama, Kate spent 5 minutes berating her ruthlessly in front of the cameras.  The stunned audience shifted in their seats awkwardly the whole time.

Yesterday production was delayed by over an hour due to Kate’s behavior.  Incensed at hwo they had been treated, the rest of the women on the panel refused to go on set with Gosselin.  Kate, when told of the issue, said “Fine.  Now they can’t screw it up.” and offered to host the show by herself.  Producers worked feverishly to resolve the situation.

Whoopi Goldberg tried to negotiate with producers on behalf of the panel, asking that Gosselin restrain her behavior.  Sherri Sheppard was heard from the Green Room shouting “That woman is Crazy!”  When Gosselin came back stage to negotiate, things quickly became heated.  Barbara Walters asked Gosselin if she wanted “to take this outside?”   Forty-five minutes later an agreement was reached and taping began.

Producers have yet to decide if they will end Kate’s run on The View early to comply with the wishes of their cast, or extend her contract to see Barbara Walters throw a chair.