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Megan Fox met with Weekly World News reporters at her home in Los Angeles where she is doing publicity for her new film “Jennifer’s Body”. The internet is abuzz over nude scenes featuring the actress who was born a man.

Weekly World News:  Megan, Good Morning.

Megan Fox:  Hey, Whattup whattup!  How’s it going?

WWN:  Well, thank you.  We’d like to talk with you about your new movie Jennifer’s Body.

MF:  YEAH Jennifer’s Body, WOO!  Great Movie, it’s gonna be awesome!  Let’s do this!  Woo!

WWN:  You seem a bit excited this morning.

MF:  It’s Football season baby!  GO TITANS!!

WWN:  Are you a big football fan?

MF:  OH Yeah!  You’re talking to the tail-gate QUEEN right here!  TITANS!  Woo!

WWN:  Excellent.  About the movie, in the film you play Jennifer-

MF:  Yeah that’s right.  This is Jennifer’s Body right here baby.  Check that out.  Bam!  Bam!

Ms. Fox stood up to show how in shape her backside was, giving each side a firm smack.

MF:  It’s like a snare drum baby!  BAM!  That’s all money.  In my next film I’m gonna crack walnuts with these.

WWN:  In the film there are several nude and sex scenes.  As a transgendered actor, Did that ever make you feel uncomfortable?

MF:  Pfft!  No way.  My doctors did a great job and gave me an awesome body.  I can’t wait to see it up on the big screen: 30 feet tall, high definition and its all woman baby!  As someone who was born a man and had to fight for my gender identity, it’s incredibly rewarding.

WWN:  And the sex scenes?

MF:  Awwwww YEAH!  It’s gonna be HOT!  (Buuuuurp!)

Ms. Fox belched loudly from all the beer she had been drinking throughout the interview.  She then said “Watch this, watch this.”  as she took another large gulp of beer and was able to belch out “Go-Titans!”

WWN:  A letter was released recently from anonymous members of the Transformers crew that said some mean things about you.

MF:  Dude, Whatever.  I know who that was.  They’re still pissy I beat them in the cast-crew mud-wrestling tournament on Both movies.  ‘Cause who’s the Champ?  BAM!  This lady, right here!  Put it up, High five baby!

Ms. Fox reached out for a high five from the reporter.

WWN:  Any parting words before we have to leave.

Ms. Fox drank the last of her beer, then proceeded to belch “Go-See-Jennifer’s-Body!”  The film opens this Friday.