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BRONX, NY – It was reported that Michael Jackson was to trade in his famed sequined glove for a baseball mitt. The late eccentric millionaire was to buy the Yankee franchise — so he could play center field.

“The general public had no idea how much of a baseball fan Michael really was. He had not missed a World Series since 1968, he owned loads of sports memorialbilia, and loved to toss a ball around with his kids,” says one source close to the superstar.

“Michael was a surprisingly good athlete — he had great reflexes and superb coordination, not to mention long legs that would take him around the bases in a flash,” continued the source.

Rumors that Michael Jackson was planning on buying the franchise had been around for years, and whispers of a “mystery buyer” for even longer.

The Jackson family would not comment on the issue, but it’s been said that the player’s grumblings may have unraveled the deal. They feared Michael would have made special demands, and been given special treatment.

“Who knows! He may have made Bubbles our mascot,” says one player. “On the other hand, watching him moonwalk around the bases would have been pretty amazing.”