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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jon Gosselin returned to Pennsylvania this week from a vacation abroad.  He introduced his 8 children to his new fiancée whom he affectionately calls “whatshername?”

Jon Gosselin, recently divorced reality star, spent the past couple weeks vacationing with his new fiancée Hailey Glassman.  The two spent their time in Saint-Tropez, France, on the yacht of designer Christian Audigier.  Gosselin told reporters, “The whole time I was in the French Riviera, on a luxury yacht, surrounded by models, every 10 minutes I’d think about how much I miss my kids.  All 8 kids… I need a drink.”

The eight children have been tended to by their battalion of nannies.  For the past 2 months neither of the parents have looked after their children when there weren’t cameras present.

Gosselin was eagerly welcomed home by his many children.  He presented them all with Ed Hardy t-shirts to match his own.  Introducing them to Glassman, he said, “This is daddy’s new friend Hailey.  Hailey this is Audrey, and Jenny, and uh… don’t tell me…  Hey why don’t show how polite you are and introduce yourselves!”

After introductions they all went to the back yard where the children played.  Hailey took the opportunity to entertain the children by dancing on their tether-ball pole.  Watching his new fiancée Jon continued spiking his drink, saying, “Mmm, Daddy Likes.”

Shortly after Glassman left, Jon got on his motorcycle and went to get some cigarettes for three hours.

The children seem to be taking their parents separation perfectly in stride.  When asked how they felt about the transition all 8 children responded in unison, “Whatever.”