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LONDON – An 600-foot long crop circle in the shape of a jellyfish has appeared at an English farm.

The pattern appeared on the fields of Berry Croft Farm, in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire. It is about three times the size of usual crop circles, and has a width of 197 feet.


Crop circle experts, known as “croppies”, are especially excited about this particular formation due to it’s complexity. However, the couple who owns the farm are not pleased.

Although Bill and Sally Anne Spence have agreed that the crop circle is beautiful, they are angered by the amount of people walking across their fields to get at the pattern. “We have not given permission for people to walk on our land,” said Mrs. Spence. “The pattern has already cost a great deal of damage – possibly about £600. People can get a better view from the air.”

Apparently, this is not the first time a crop circle has appeared on their farm, but crop circles most commonly occur in the fields of England. In 2006, the world’s first “3-D” crop circle also appeared in Oxfordshire.