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HOUSTON, TX – Amazed scientists have discovered two new planets 1,300 light-years away, and one of them is the exact twin of Earth in every detail.

What’s more, experts believe it may be inhabited – by precise duplicates of every human being now living here on our own planet!

The discovery is thanks to the recent service mission to fix the Hubble space telescope. Noted astronomer Alexander Wolszczan of Pennsylvania State University stunned the world earlier this year with news that he had found two planets about 6 trillion miles from here – the first planets ever known to exist outside our solar system.

At that time, he thought they were both much larger than Earth.

Since then, shocking new photos taken by the Hubble have been leaked to the press by an unnamed NASA source.

The top-secret pictures reveal that the smaller of the two newfound planets is so amazingly like ours that, when it’s shown side by side with pictures of Earth, even the most knowledgeable astronomer can’t tell them apart.

“It’s chilling,” says Dr. Raymond Tufts, renowned astronomer and foremost authority on the solar system. “The green-blue coloration of the new planet indicated an atmosphere composed of the same mixture of gasses that surround our own.

“It’s the same distance from its sun. Even the shorelines of its continents are formed in the exact shape of ours.

“It’s as if God were holding a great mirror up to Earth from across the universe.”

The Hubble Telescope’s magnification isn’t powerful enough to show any inhabitants on the new world, but experts agree that the planet is capable of supporting human life.

And some respected authorities go even further, claiming that each of us has a perfect duplicate of himself – working, playing and interacting with others on the mysterious planet.

“For thousands of years, great philosophical and religious writings have referred to a ‘parallel universe’,” says Dr. Yale Holtzer, a renowned author and philosopher who has lectured in leading universities throughout the U.S.

“But there’s never been any concrete evidence until now. Since ancient times, many sages and mystics have believed that you and I have a carbon copy of ourselves, existing in the same time frame but in another world.

“But maybe your ‘twin’ has made different decisions in his life than you’ve made in yours, causing him or her to learn different lessons. If we could somehow meet these people there’s no end to what we could learn about ourselves.”