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A UFO was spotted over South Korea – once again.   It is confirmed to be an alien ship from Planet Zeeba.

Another video shot from a plane flying over Seoul, South Korea – the second in two months –  shows  a UFO flying over the city.

Dr. Banesh Bannerjee of the United Nations has confirmed to WWN that the “UFO” was, in fact, an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba.  “It looks ominous, but the Dr. Bannerjee said that the Zeeban ships are on Earth for “peaceful purposes” and that citizens around the world should not be concerned.

“The Gootans are the real problem,” said Dr. Bannerjee.

The silver, saucer-shaped object is seen at first holding steady with the plane’s pace, before rapidly picking up speed and darting out of the frame.The video’s uploader speculates the object might be a military drone, or, it could be, as one user puts it, a cap from Super Mario brothers.

But, we know it is a Zeeban spaceship.