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MIAMI, FL – Aliens have finally fessed up over the famed model with the missing navel.

It recently came to light that fashion model Karolina Kurkova is in fact missing a belly button. Many of Karolina’s earlier photos had included strategically-placed clothing or been outright digitally altered. But recent shots of the model on a bikini shoot revealed her true nature.

Medical specialists are claiming her lack of navel is due to an abdominal operation during infancy, but Weekly World News has learned the real reason.

Aliens have stepped forward and claimed responsibility: they created Kurkova! “Many critics say super models are freaks of nature. Well, technically, they are!” explained K’toh, owner of Galaxy Models.

“We clone perfect human beings and lease them out to Earth-based modeling agencies. Since clones do not grow in the womb, they aren’t born with belly buttons. We just add them on post-creation.

“Unfortunately, Karolina #89’s missing navel was an oversight. Her technician has since been let go. We’ll be more than happy to refund her agency DNA Model Management if they are unsatisfied!”