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Three giant alien spaceships are rapidly approaching earth’s atmosphere.  They will be here on November 29th.

Governments around  the world have activated their Alien Defense Systems.   It appears that the three giant alien spaceships from Planet Gootan are not altering their course.  They are headed directly for earth.  NASA is operating underneath a Code Red.

Leaders from around the world spoke on a conference call on Thanksgiving Day to determine how they can best work together to defend the planet from this major extraterrestrial development.  Most experts assume that the Gootans are hostile, though representatives from Brazil and France believe that the aliens may be peaceful.

World leaders are debating whether to fire their anti-alien missiles when the alien spaceships first enter our atmosphere or wait for them to make the first move.

“It may be too late, if we wait for them to fire, ” said Banesh Bannerjee from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  “I have recommended that we fire our anti-alien missiles immediately at the ships, take them out right away.”

Not everyone agrees with this approach.  Dr. John Malley, the leader of the U.N. Panel, feel that a pre-emptive strike at the alien spaceships may not work and will undoubtedly enrage the Gootans, who might be coming to earth for reasons we do not know.

“The Gootans have a brain far more developed then the human brain,” said Malley.  “We can not even begin to understand why they might be coming here, but assume that they are coming to attack or harm  us is asinine.  If we fire first, that could be lethal for the planet.”

Governments around the world are not taking any chances.  The missiles are ready to be launched and the United States is preparing several nuclear devices, in case the alien spaceships get past the alien defense systems.

Why aren’t other media outlets reporting on this?  WWN has learned that government leaders, and media conglomerates, have decided to cover-up the attack, will call it a  hoax or a sham, because they don’t want to alarm citizens, and as a Defense Department sources told WWN, “really, there’s not much anybody can do.”

WWN will keep its readers updated on the coming attack.   In the meantime, go about your daily routine.  If you change your behavior… they win.