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CHICAGO, IL – President-Elect Barack Obama held a press conference early this morning to announce his appointee to the Inter-planetary organization.

Standing next to Intergalactic United Nations Supreme Allied Commander, Trrgufchk Skgrt, Obama declared Reggie Love would be accepting the position. Longtime Obama friend and personal aide, Reggie will be rewarded for his years of dedication with one of the most coveted ambassadorships in the universe.

Obama told reporters at the conference, “Reggie Love is a dedicated and passionate American and Earthling.  He will represent our interests well and see to it that the decisions of the galaxy stand up to the standards the American people expect of the Intergalactic community.”

“It’s an honor to be given such an important role,” Love told reporters following the announcement.  “To represent America and the people of Earth in front of the entire galaxy is a humbling responsibility.”

Not missing a beat, Republican strategist and hate-monger Karl Rove commented, “Well it’s nice to see that Obama is already rewarding friends with cushy appointments.  Is that change we can believe in?”

Love is expected to take up his appointment within a matter of weeks, potentially even before Obama is inaugurated.  Bush had refused to name an appointee after the IGUN refused to send troops into Iraq.