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ALABAMA – 70 dead dolphins washed ashore.  It was not due to the BP Oil Spill.  Authorities confirmed the deaths were caused by aliens from Planet Zeeba.

70 dolphins washed ashore over the weekend in Alabama.  More than half of them were calves (or babies)  Last year, 89 dead dolphins that washed ashore last year, most of them adults that died in the BP spill.

But this time it wasn’t due to the BP Oil Spill.  These dead dolphins were related to the bird deaths and chicken deaths that we’ve seen across the world in the last few months.   Authorities have confirmed that these dolphins all had The Mark of the Alien, which were found on all the birds and deaths.  This rare marking has been identified as the mark of aliens from Planet Zeeba.

John Malley, the director of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, confirmed to WWN that the dolphins were murdered by the aliens from Zeeba.  “This is all part of the ongoing alien invasion that began in October, 2010 and will continue until October 2015.”

Government officials refuse to admit that the dead dolphins had The Mark of the Alien.  Instead, they have proclaimed that the dolphins “died from something environmental.”  But government officials won’t say what that “something” is but they have the same data that the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have.

“There has been a massive government cover-up going on for years,” said Malley.  “Governments will never admit that there is an alien invasion going on.”