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LUXEMBOURG – Skype, the online video chat super giant, went down due to an attack by aliens!

The recent service outage that took place earlier this week was a mystery to technicians at the Luxembourg based headquarters.  “We really had now idea what was going on or how many of our 23 million plus users were affected,” said Panjit Manmit who is head of the technical support team. It was later discovered that the outage was related to a strategically planned alien invasion.

The aliens began to break down the telecommunications system by attacking the “supernodes”, causing many of them to go off line. The “supernodes” are critical components to the Skype software as they act as a hub between users.

“We really thought we hand you humans by the h¦ndądeěs with this one,” said Gþąrlðck, Captain of the Kǐndðrkænŧarian war vessel that has been orbiting the earth’s moon for the past weeks. “We were sure that Skype had to be your main source of communication. Boy were we wrong, we really kµrglœrdöred up that one.”

After extensive negotiations with General George W. Casey, Jr. of the United States Army, the aliens have agreed to hold off on the invasion and take a more Kǐndðrkænŧarian approach by helping the software company develop mega-super-duper-nodes. The Kǐndðrkænŧarians claim that these mega-super-duper-nodes are designed to resist attacks in the event that their neighboring rival faction of the Grøndåræmians should try to invade Earth.

“We just felt bad for you all. We couldn’t believe that you had such primitive telecommunications, “continued Gþąrlðck, “As high priestess mother DræpĦger always says, ‘Krągul đaðrdque yæfrĮscƒs,’ and clearly this was not the case.”

With recent reports by ace WWN correspondent J.B. Smitts that Michael Jackson is now living on the moon, rumors have begun to fly that The King of Pop helped with the intergalactic negotiations from his new residence. Some have even gone so far as to speculate that Jackson is a member of the invading alien race. But you can judge for yourself. Check out the screen shot from the recent Skype negotiations with the aliens.