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HOUSTON, TX – National defense experts are confronting the possibility that aliens have invaded Earth’s oceans – and are spying on humans from under the sea!

Alarmed by a dramatic increase in sightings of Unidentified Submarine Objects (USOs) over the past three months, the U.S. military has been placed on worldwide alert and scientists are organizing a vast underwater reconnaissance of alien activities. Reports so far indicate that there are at least 1,000 USOs in oceans around the globe and the number appears to be increasing daily.

“The alien craft have been sighted by seamen and divers worldwide and the descriptions are amazingly similar,” said Dr. Michael Simmons, a marine biologist with high-level contacts in the Pentagon.

“The undersea vessels are about 300 feet long with two saucer-shaped appendages and they are extremely fast. They are capable of reaching great depths – but can also pass from the water straight up into the atmosphere and right in out to stellar space.

“Over the past three decades, we’ve had such sightings from time to time. But the vast increase in reports over the last few months indicates we may now be dealing with a major alien invasion.”

Experts believe the alien forces are using the planet’s oceans as hiding places, lurking deep under the water where mankind cannot go. Their craft appear to be capable of withstanding the incredible pressures exerted by the weight of the water miles under the sea – pressures which limit man’s ability to descend to great depths.

Judging by reports of sightings worldwide, the alien craft regularly blast off from secret undersea bases and head for outer space.

Observers fear the regular launches indicate that aliens are resupplying their bases and relaying scientific information, samples of Earth life-forms and top secret military data to their home planet.

“While we sit on the surface of our planet doing nothing, these creatures are deep under our oceans secretly preparing to conduct a deadly assault,” worries Dr. Mitchell, who has revealed the alien presence in the hope that public reaction will force world governments to face the extraterrestrial menace.

“The aliens are operating more and more openly – almost as if they’re daring mankind to try to stop them.”