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LONDON – Britain’s government has shut down its 50 year old UFO hotline because of costs!

Britain’s Ministry of Defense had a hotline operating, off and on, since 1959. It’s purpose was for citizens to report any possible UFO sightings, so the military could investigate.

But the department is no longer. The phone line has been shut down, as well as the e-mail account, which now auto-replies that it “will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them.”

The military does not state whether they do or do not support the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials. They would only speak on their budgetary reasoning. Of the over 12,000 investigated UFO sightings, not a single one proved to be a national security threat.

Said a Ministry of Defense spokesperson, “None of the thousands of UFO sightings reported over the years have ever provided substantiated proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. There is no defense value in investigating UFO reports.”

In these hard times, the government could use the $73,000 a year the closure will save. However, many citizens are upset over the decision.

Roy Lake, founder of the London UFO Studies group, said, “I think it’s a stupid thing to do because this could create a threat to national security. We take this quite seriously. I think the government knows damn well what’s going on up there, and they’re covering it up.”