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Aliens are collecting millions in unemployment payments from the government during a recession and working American taxpayers are footing the bill!

That’s the word from UFO expert Robert McLaughlin, who quotes highly placed Washington insiders as saying that “extraterrestrials masquerading as human beings are siphoning off as much as 15 percent of the national unemployment benefits each and every year.”

The U.S. budget for unemployed benefits exceeds $37 billion. And that means aliens robbed us of more than $5.5 billion in unemployment insurance benefits in 2009 alone.

“This is an outrage,” declared McLaughlin, founder and president of the powerful and often controversial UFO research groupd, Stop Extraterrestrials Now.

“These creatures aren’t U.S. citizens – they aren’t even human. But taxpayers like you and me are paying their way to the tune of $5.5 billion a year.

“There are skeptics who say that aliens can’t possibly be ripping off our system but they couldn’t be farther off the mark,” he continued.

“If you know anything about the federal bureaucracy, you know that anybody can pass himself off as being disadvantaged and cash in.

“And from what I’m told, there are hundreds of thousands of aliens on the unemployment rolls.”

Federal officials declined to comment on McLaughlin’s allegations but the expert produced compelling evidence to back up his claims.

He quoted highly placed State Department insiders as having said that the federal unemployment system “has been significantly abused by extraterrestrials who misrepresent themselves as out-of-work citizens.”

He also produced a copy of a secret White House memo dated April 20, 2009 that bluntly spoke of “the alien welfare connection.”

The memo called for the creation of a secret task force “to assess the threat and propose an immediate course of action.”

Just why aliens want to live off the generosity of Americans remains unclear.

McLaughlin theorizes that their own civilizations are in a state of decay.

Coming here for handouts, he explained, is purely a matter of survival.

“The fact that extraterrestrials are stealing money that should be going to real jobless Americans is an open secret in Washington but nobody wants to discuss it because they’re terrified of public reaction,” said McLaughlin.

“I can talk until I’m blue in the face but I don’t have the clout of a congressman or the president.

“Until they bring up the issue, the fraud is going to continue – and there’s not a damn thing that people like you and me can do about it.”

[Image courtesy of Freaking News]