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Twelve top secret bases strategically located around America are charged with the most amazing task ever attempted by our government… tracking spaceships from outer space and keeping them from colliding in the skies over our land!

The UFO air traffic control sites were established 14 years ago to eliminate problems of congestion caused by the throng of UFOs that crowd American skies.

The facilities use space-age technology that makes it possible to track alien craft through sudden course changes and rapid acceleration along with high-frequency radios that “speak” to the spaceships in a complicated mathematical code.

“These bases have been operating in the utmost secrecy since President Clinton ordered them established in 1995,” said a scientist who was formerly employed at one site high in the Rocky Mountains. “We have radar capable of detecting and identifying spaceships heading toward Earth at extremely high velocities.”

The air traffic controllers are hired and trained at a special school in Guam, then stationed at one of the 12 bases around the country.

The bases are equipped with radar and lasers capable of detecting and communicating with spaceships moving at extremely high velocities.

The controllers – called Alien Spacecraft Coordinators – initiate radio contact with the aliens, urge them to cooperate in flight plans and guide them in their approach.

While the alien craft are over U.S. territory, the controllers track their every move – and even warn them out of sensitive military areas or busy airplane traffic areas.

“We have never contacted any alien craft that did not comprehend perfectly what we said and respond immediately,” the source said. “Our relations with them have been excellent.”

The government source estimates more than 20,000 alien craft visit U.S. skies every week. They are rarely spotted by the average citizen because they maintain high altitudes and travel at lightning speeds.

But Alien Spacecraft Coordinators’ screens are crowded with blips and dots of UFOs on their high-speed journeys.

“The skies are so crowded these days that without the UFO controllers we’d have wrecks every day,” the former controller said.

“It’s getting so busy the government is planning four more sites. UFOs are here to stay and we have to be prepared to handle them.”

Are these bases related to the lists of “Non-Terrestrial Officers” that Gary McKinnon found, who may be U.S. Air Force personnel that fly in space? Are they the ships the Coordinators are talking to?