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ORLANDO, FL – The 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing has renewed interest in an apparent UFO sighting during the Apollo 11 mission.

Although kept a secret by NASA for many years, Buzz Aldrin has unequivocally stated that the astronauts in the spacecraft spotted a UFO flying near them. Nervous about broadcasting their sighting openly, the astronauts tried to casually ask Mission Control if a piece they had jettisoned earlier was nearby, but NASA confirmed it was not.

Buzz Aldrin explained:

“There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be? Now, obviously the three of us weren’t going to blurt out, ‘Hey, Houston, we’ve got something moving alongside of us and we don’t know what it is, you know?'”

So what was it? NASA has never identified or even acknowledged the sighting, despite numerous other UFO sightings by astronauts, including the Apollo 16 photo seen above.

Take a look at the interview below with Aldrin: