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LONDON – Britain’s defence ministry has just released declassified UFO files to the general public.

The files, released by Britain’s National Archives, pertain to incidents from November 1987 to April 1993. The time period covers about 1,200 different UFO sightings!

One of the most fascinating cases was deemed so important that ministers were alerted. The Ministry of Defence received photos from two different members of the public, who witnessed a large diamond-shaped UFO in the sky on August 4, 1990. The newspaper Scottish Daily Record caught wind of the photos and wanted an official statement from the MoD, leading ministers to be instructed to state that no definite conclusions were reached on the UFO.

Other reports include a helicopter crew that nearly hit a 600-foot long craft, and a woman out walking her dog who was approached by a man with a “Scandanavian-type accent” dressed in a brown “flying suit”. He stated that he was from another planet, his race was behind the crop circles and that their visits were friendly.

The files can be read and downloaded as PDFs at the National Archives website.