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People who were once aliens share many of the same characteristics, says paranormal expert Brad Steiger. Among them are:

1. Unusual sleep patterns – Many reported thriving on very little sleep. Others said they sleep late, or stayed up late, or woke very early and needed a midday nap.

2. Common dreams – People who once lived on other planets often dream in color, of being able to fly, and frequently dream of being in beautiful cities filled with light.

3. Sensitivity to light – Many reported they couldn’t stay in the sun too long because their eyes ached or they had headaches. Others said TV gave them headaches or eyestrain.

4. Sensitivity to electromagnetism – People who worked under fluorescent lights all day reported headaches. Others said they were uncomfortable if they were too close to overhead power lines or near a microwave oven.

5. Unusual physical characteristics – They have lower-than-normal blood pressure or body temperature and rare blood types.

6. Creativity – People who once were aliens generally like music, reading, painting and drawing.

7. Restlessness – They are discontented with common pastimes such as watching TV or sports. They often feel they should be elsewhere, or at least outdoors in the fresh, clean air.

8. Sensitivity to humidity – At times of high humidity, they are irritable, have difficulty breathing, suffer sinusitis, headaches, earaches or sore threats.

“It’s a good bet that if you have a majority of these traits that you, too, could have been an alien living in space in a previous life,” Steiger said.

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