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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Wisconsin Democrats are still on the run!  But WWN found them hiding out in a brothel in southern Illinois.

Wisconsin Democrats are still on the run, trying to avoid capture by Wisconsin state troopers. They have threatened to stay away from weeks and have vowed that – “you’ll never find us!”

But WWN’s crack investigative team located the fourteen Wisconsin democratic Senators – all male.  They are hiding out at the Wild Horse Brothel in Springfield – which was just created by the Illinois Democratic Party to help the Wisconsin politicians deal with their time away from their families.

The Democrats are standing firm at the brothel.  They are against balancing the state’s budget by cutting the pay, benefits and collective bargaining rights of public workers.

The 14 Senate Democrats left the state Thursday, delaying action in that chamber on a sweeping anti-union bill. Sen. Jon Erpenbach, who was among those who fled, said Friday that the group was prepared to be away for weeks, although he would like the standoff to end as soon as possible.

Erpenbach is happy to have a found a safe place to hide.  “I think the Wild Horse Ranch is great place for us to meet with democratic supporters and to work out our plan for the future.”

Here’s a shot of  Erpenbach’s room at the brothel:

That’s his temporary assistant Mindy.  She’s on the bed ready to help him in any way she can.

Erpenbach accused new Republican Gov. Scott Walker of trying to rush the legislation, calling the governor’s style “dictatorial” at times.  Erpenbach then spent an hour with Mindy – laying out his strategy.

“We all didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to do this,” he added. “But if we have to stay in this brothel for the next three weeks, by God we will do it!”

The Wisconsin democrats have been receiving visits from prominent labor leaders, including Richard Trumka and this rhyming rally leader:

Jesse Jackson spent the weekend holed up in the brothel with the Democratic Wisconsin senators.  “We are standing tall, standing strong for the people of Wisconsin,” Jackson said.  Jackson had a private meeting with Charlene, a volunteer at the brothel.  Jackson was overheard screaming “We Shall Overcome!” several times throughout the night.

There was another prominent Democrat who stopped by to visit the brothel.  He approved of their temporary hiding place:

“Hell no, we won’t go!”  That was a chant heard from inside the brothel, when Wisconsin State Troopers arrived to take them back to their home state.

It didn’t take long before the Wisconsin troopers were also in the brothel – and planning to stay for weeks.

So, the standoff continues.  And the Wisconsin Democrats are keeping busy at the Wild Horse Ranch: