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LAS  VEGAS –  A college student is suing a Las Vegas Escort agency after he was forced to have sex with a hooker he paid for.

Hubert Blackman of New York wants his $275 back, and is suing Las Vegas Exclusive Personals for $1.8 million dollars because the prostitute he paid for performed a sex act on him.

He was traumatized by the distress caused by the “tragic event.”

The most surprising part of the whole story is that the Escort turned out to be none other than Eliot Spitzer’s favorite call girl, Ashley Dupre.

Blackman was vacationing in Vegas in December when he ordered a stripper to come to his hotel room. Ashley Dupre, who has had a hard time putting her life together after the Spitzer scandal, was working for the Escort agency and arrived at Blackman’s room – and immediately got down to business.

Dupre performed a $155 lap dance and then $120 sex act.  Blackman was shocked that she performed the sex act on him – even though he paid for it.

Dupre left right after the sex act.  Blackman couldn’t get to sleep at all – he was a wreck.

The next morning, he called Las Vegas Exclusive Personals to demand his money back, saying he was dissatisfied because Dupre didn’t stay for the promised one hour, didn’t “cuddle me” and “violated me” by raping me.

“I just wanted a lap dance and she… went all the way with me.  I was raped!’

Blackman also told the company he was incapable of making an informed agreement with the stripper because he was drunk at the time.  “She took advantage of my hot, young body and had her way with me, and then made me pay her for doing it.”

“I was raped and robbed,” Blackman said.

When the company refused to refund Blackman’s money, he called the cops, who threatened to bust him for prostitution and asked for Dupre’s phone number.  “We want to be raped, too,”  said Las Vegas Police Captain John Girardi.

Blackman said he knew prostitution was illegal in Vegas and would never have consented to having sex with a prostitute, no matter how much he paid her.

What happens in Vegas….